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Audio systems are a must have, be it for your homes or offices. IoT technology has made it super convenient and extremely easy to have a complete surround sound system, ambient audio, or even elaborate PA system audio controls right at your fingertips! Just think how nice it’d be if you could have a smart audio system at home that operates on voice commands or only at the press of a button on your smartphone! Or how about having a dedicated PA-VA system in your commercial space that could be programmed easily to broadcast announcements at predetermined schedules? Well, that’d make your work a lot more streamlined, isn’t it!

Home Audio

Gone are the times when home audio was limited to a 2-speaker stereo system. Nowadays, a smart home is nothing if equipped with built-in speakers in each room that can be controlled right from your phone or tablet. Change the tone of your home with mood music, or simultaneously play different songs in different rooms with our stellar IoT-enabled home audio systems!

Home Theater

Are you someone who’d love to experience the thrill and excitement of watching a movie on the big screen with Dolby surround sound, but right in the comfort of your own home? Well, look no further. Our terrific home theatre systems offer you complete sound & volume control, and uninterrupted internet connectivity to stream your favorite movies and play online games, all at the touch of a button!

Commercial Audio Solutions

Most companies today are refurbishing their offices to accommodate the comfort & convenience of their employees and increase their productivity. Light ambient music, clearly broadcasted PA system announcements, & even decentralized alarm systems are some of the features that go a long way in making your office space more efficient. Even in restaurants or malls, our state-of-the-art budget audio systems are an excellent fit!

Make your entertainment time even more special with our media room systems.

Home Theater

Home Theater Systems are now becoming increasingly common in many households. With more and more people turning to Smart Home Automation, the idea of having your very own personal home theatre and media room is incredibly appealing. And why wouldn’t it be? A big screen, excellent speakers, comfortable chairs, and dramatic lighting – all of this at your fingertips! We at VBE provide you with a centralized console to control and monitor your home theatre and even program it as required. Say, dimming the lights before a movie starts, or automatically pausing the movie if the doorbell rings, are some of the cool features that come with our IoT-enabled devices. And if you’re worried that getting an exclusive home theatre system is going to burn a hole in your pocket, then you have another think coming! We have plenty of satisfied customers who swear by our affordable prices and excellent services. So if you want to enamor your senses with the best in audio and video systems, we are the people for the job!

Home Theater Design

While designing a home theatre system, a lot of factors come into play. We completely realize that every home is unique and the room dimensions vary. Based on this, we do everything from selecting the home theatre speakers and outlining the seating arrangement, to finalizing the screen size, for creating the best visual and acoustic experience for you in your budget.

Media Room Design

To design the perfect media room, we evaluate your space and note down your requirements. Starting with the basic layout, we first find the sweet spot of the room which offers the best audio/visual experience and develop the other details around it. From soundproofing to dimmed lights to reclining chairs, we completely customize your space to match your taste.

Furniture & Seating

There’s nothing worse than uncomfortable seating when you settle down for a movie! We at VBE help you sort through all the important details such as whether you want recliners or couches if the viewing angle is right, is there an aisle and sufficient space between seats and so on. With your input, we hook you up with the best deals for your ideal seating arrangement.

PA Systems

PA systems are usually a part of commercial spaces for ambient music, broadcasts, and important announcements. But nowadays, a lot of people are experimenting with PA systems in their homes as an option to a home stereo. With the right equalizer settings and setup, our robust speakers can truly amp up your home audio experience to a whole new level!

Voip and intercome

Intercom and paging systems using VoIP work great in residential and commercial spaces alike. Fitting your home with these intercom systems and speakers in all the rooms gives you easy accessibility. Our Ethernet and wireless supported paging and intercom systems help automate your space and offer better control, flexibility, and convenience. Audio and Video

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