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In today’s world where we are glued more to our cell phones than our families, the only way to hold someone’s attention is to advertise on the internet. Having an online presence is no longer an option but a priority. Digital and online marketing refer to an umbrella of marketing strategies to advertise products and services on the internet. With over 200 million active websites and the continually increasing rate of social media users, hiring a digital marketing company paves the way for effective advertising and dynamic customer interaction with your brand.

We at VBE, endeavor to be the best digital marketing agency for you by providing you with a host of online marketing and advertising opportunities including interactive digital marketing wherein you interact with the customers and use their feedback to implement new strategies. Digital marketing companies capitalize on this two-way communication channel which not only also instills a sense of brand loyalty but also helps you tap into a much wider audience, thus scaling your business.

Web Strategy

What is web strategy? Let’s say you want to start a business. The first thing you do is make a business plan; a kind of outline that summarizes your ideas, goals, targets, and agenda for your business. A proper business strategy helps you meet real-time targets and grow your business. In the same way, in case of online marketing too, you need to delineate a web strategy to meet your target requirements and acquire a robust online presence. To begin with, we meet with our clients to understand their requirements and end goals. We then formulate a mobile web strategy for them taking into account the current trends, target audience, budget, type of business, user experience, and technology.

To help you successfully launch your business online, our web design agency taps into social media to create an online presence and build your brand. Based on your estimated sales and targets, we employ a website business strategy to guide you through the process of choosing the correct advertising techniques for you viz. pay-per-click, or pay-per-view, etc. to gauge conversion rates and promote sales.

Integrated Marketing Strategy

Integrated marketing strategy, as the name suggests, is a combination of different digital marketing strategies integrated together to provide consumers with a seamless, unified approach while interacting with a brand. Simply put, different marketing communication channels come together to present the end user with a wholesome, dynamic, and interactive experience.

Yes, there are tons of marketing tactics, social media platforms, and advertising methods, and yet with so many products out there, it is effortless for your product to get lost in the digital world. Hence, it is imperative that all social media channels collaborate to combine their strengths to boost your brand. VBE uses integrated marketing to bring together sales promotion, direct marketing, email marketing, behavioral advertising, social media interaction, and public relations in one unified package that fosters your brand name and broadcasts the same brand message. Integrated marketing plan when done right can incredibly boost your brand and skyrocket your business. We invest our expertise, heart, and soul into your business to provide you with the best-integrated marketing communications strategy.

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Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a set of techniques used to put your business website on the top results of search pages. When you enter a search term on Google, it presents you with thousands of results. But how many of us go past the first page? Close to none. In fact, most users only stick to the top 3 links. Hence top SEO marketing services make use of Search Engine Optimisation Strategy to feature your website in the top results of search engines thereby increasing its visibility and generating more traffic.

SEO strategy involves a lot of technical and creative techniques, like including backlinks and understanding the algorithms of the search engines to help them index your website. To perform web page optimization, we sift through your website content to filter it, include relevant keywords, and structure your website in a way that makes it easier for the search bots and crawlers to find you. Our SEO services also include SEO website builders, and SEO marketing plans, among others.

Needs Analysis

As the name suggests, needs analysis refers to analyzing the needs of your company and understanding what are your long-term goals and the result you’re looking for. Business needs analysis result-oriented approach that caters to the needs that are to be met to achieve end-goals, and optimizes your business processes to maximize profitability.

To start with, we analyze your current working system and figure out how it serves end-user needs. We also perform sales training needs analysis, based on which we assess the changes to be made in the sales domain to make your business model more efficient. In-depth market research helps us understand the customer requirements and accordingly help you in the design and strategizing processes. Safety training needs analysis brings out the loopholes in the safety measures and helps us guide you through the safety training needs that are to be met. We perform appropriate testing and customer feedbacks and surveys to help you deliver what the customer is looking for, and develop marketing strategies that best meet those needs.

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Experience Marketing

Experiential marketing or engagement marketing is a way to create a closer bond with your customers – a sort of personalized attention if you will. Experiences shape up our lives and stay with us as memories for an extended period. What if there was a way to provide your customers with experiences that helped them form an emotional attachment to your brand while also providing them with product exposure and interaction? That’s where experiential marketing strategy comes in.

The best experiential marketing agencies today come up with ideas and marketing schemes to involve and engage the consumers with their products and services. VBE assists you with formulating an experiential marketing plan with interactive, memorable strategies that stay in people’s minds for a long time and also garner high sales. Right from pop-up stores to free giveaways to contests and free trials, we let your customers experience your product firsthand and foster a lasting attachment and loyalty to your brand. Such experiential marketing eventsand tactics are a big jump from traditional marketing practices and help generate good revenues.

Content Strategy

Content is King. Anyone who has ever had brochures, pamphlets, flyers, or a website made knows that engaging content is the only way to hold a customer’s attention. Drab and poor information with no appeal whatsoever will quickly be dismissed and not make any impact on the consumer. The digital content strategy involves interaction with customers is through audio, video, words, and images.

The content strategy involves the creation, management, and deployment of good, useful and relevant content. At VBE Technologies, our primary aim is to provide you with the best content strategy by understanding your target audience, as well as how your end product is going to help them. We focus on your USP and highlight it using engaging, relatable content. Customer responses and quantitative research help us decide which format of content viz. audio, video, or images is most suitable and which social media channels will reap the most benefit. Based on all of this, our content strategy firm strives hard to develop a content strategy plan for you to create, monitor, and regulate the flow of effective content.

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Brand Development

Digital Brand development is an integral part of digital marketing. It is an ongoing process that has to be kept improving through time. A brand is how your customers associate with you and how they perceive you. As such, it is important to focus on brand development strategies as a key aspect of digital marketing.

Our brand development firm focuses on understanding the objectives of your company concerning the customer. We research the target customer base to come up with branding solutions aligned to customer needs. To create a unique position for your brand in the market, we analyze and work on what sets you apart from your competitors and use that X factor to create your brand logo, tagline, and designs. Our brand development services also involve reaching out to audiences by devising different messaging strategies and highlighting different aspects of your business to achieve higher visibility. Interacting with end users, taking into account their reviews, and implementing development changes, are some of the essential steps taken by our brand development agency, VBE, which go a long way in making your brand successful.

Analytics & Measurement

So now you’ve set up a good digital marketing strategy and have the best digital marketing agency working for you; so far, so good. But how do you assess whether all the digital and online marketing strategies you applied for work? That’s where analytics and measurement metrics come in. They help you understand the success rate of your marketing techniques and show you exactly where you stand regarding fulfilling your crucial performance objectives.

We provide you with a complete analytics and measurement framework to measure a variety of crucial aspects like the number of hits to your website, traffic sources, audience location, spikes in traffic around certain days like holidays or weekends, as well as social media traffic among others. Sometimes it makes sense to view the statistics for page bounce rates, site search behavior, traffic sources, and customer trends. We help you decide your primary objectives and chart out the necessary measurement metrics for them. Based on these measurements and analytics data, we help you scale your business further.

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