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IT Networking Service

It is the age of the internet, and anyone who has a steadily growing business knows that having a sound IT framework is integral to a company’s success. A computer network, in its essence, is just different computers connected on a network to share resources. Using IT networking technology to connect your individual computers not only simplifies sharing and storing of data, but also enables smooth communication and interaction between the employees. It saves costs, improves efficiency, offers flexibility, provides a centralized database, and efficient computer network security.

But implementing IT networking technology is not just limited to setting up a computer network. There’s also the ongoing process of running diagnostics and maintenance. Right from assessing your needs and deciding which network is most suitable for you, to successfully installing a secured network and monitoring the maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair, we cater to all your networking needs under one roof. Providing some of the best services amongst existing IT networking companies, and a range of networking products including AWS, we at VBE Technologies work round-the-clock so that you don’t have to.

Network Assessment

In order to set you up with state-of-the-art network systems, it is imperative that we understand what your company needs. IT network assessment involves assessing your requirements to understand what kind of network changes need to be implemented. It is essential to check your current IT infrastructure in order to get an idea of the loopholes and vulnerabilities in your system architecture. Many times, the existing network systems become redundant causing lags, reducing efficiency, and making the system extremely susceptible to security breaches.

Our network assessment services involve a complete comprehensive scan and review of every device located on the network. Each and every device and component, and its pros and cons are documented. We utilize network assessment software that examines the network, devices, and access points for weaknesses. Based on these network assessment findings, we at VBE, implement a brand new network system for your company which ensures proper resource allocation, troubleshoots network problems, boosts computer network security, and makes it easier to integrate new software platforms into existing ones seamlessly.

Network Installation

On assessing the network infrastructure and shortlisting the changes to be made, the next step is that of network installation. We provide IT network installation of both wired as well as wireless connections to establish a computer network framework based on the requirements. A home network may well need a wireless network installation whereas an office or workspace with over 100 employees may be benefitted by using a LAN. We provide our clients with a host of options ranging from wired Ethernet cables to glass optic fibers to Wireless networks based on their needs.

Other than the physical hardware setup, our network installation services also include a software framework. Once the hardware and/or the physical cabling is done, it is the time to configure the computer software for implementation. Configuring your network with the attached devices creates a favorable environment which makes it easier to maintain and upgrade to advanced software platforms in the future. After the complete computer network installation and software deployment, we check if all your systems are up to date and you’re good to go.

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Network Management

A quintessential part of any networking service is the network management. It is one of our key services which involves managing and regulating computer networks to keep tabs on a wide range of factors like efficiency, performance analysis, high quality of service, and fault analysis among others. Simply put, IT network management includes monitoring individual components of hardware/software devices in a large network. Our network administration tool supervises the working of hardware devices such as routers, switches, hubs as well as software components, checks for anomalies, and performs necessary troubleshooting and maintenance.

We use one of the best network management systems for fine-tuning network operations to ensure fast speeds of data transmission, and perform quick fixes wherever necessary. Comprehensive performance analysis to examine bandwidth, time-lags, uptime, etc. is part of our network management system. It centers on constant troubleshooting, upgrading, and maintenance to improvise your network systems on the go for best results and increased efficiency. As a part of our Network management services, we also perform appropriate security checks to alleviate risks and ensure computer network security.

Network Maintenance

Many IT Networking companies provide you with installation services. But they usually fail to deliver timely network maintenance. It is crucial to keep computer networks in good condition to maximize efficiency. Our network maintenance services feature an enhanced plan covering in-depth maintenance of every device on the network. We provide our clients with a structured maintenance plan wherein we pre-empt probable problems and implement steps that will ensure the issues don’t occur.

The main goal of network maintenance is to keep your systems up and running with maximum efficiency. This primarily involves monitoring every device or component, performing installations and upgrades wherever needed, configuring hardware/software components, and troubleshooting problems as and when required. We also use advanced network maintenance software for fault improvement, and for configuring systems to notify us instantly when an anomaly occurs so that we can attend to it. Our computer network maintenance plan also focuses on improving network performance, securing the network and devices, testing and scanning the system for loopholes, maintaining documentation and reports, and coming up with improvised strategies for network growth.

"Providing some of the best services amongst existing IT networking companies, and a range of networking products including AWS, we at VBE Technologies work round-the-clock so that you don’t have to."

Backup Solution

In spite of the best IT networking technology underlying your systems, backing up your data is always a must. Online systems tend to be fickle, and even a small error can wipe out your entire hard drive, or delete important data that is difficult to retrieve once lost. Our backup solutions provide you with regular backups of your data so that in the event of a mishap, you can restore your systems to their previous functional state. Our server backups save your sensitive information in cloud based-databases and provide unobtrusive network backup solutions by creating backups in the background while you work.

We offer comprehensive, affordable, and easy to use computer backup solutions that are flexible and can fully reinstate your system even in case of a hardware failure. Never again do you have to be worried about losing crucial data during hardware or power outages that bring your system to a grinding halt. With our best backup solutions and smooth and effective recovery options, you will always have a higher uptime and a well-ordered system.

Network Security

In a digital world where our entire lives are online, having a secure computer network that safeguards sensitive information is an absolute necessity. Network security entails boosting your system’s strength by installing authentication mechanisms that only allow access to legitimate users and block away from the malicious threats. Computer and network securityis not to be taken lightly and can make all the difference between a robust system that is resilient to intrusions and a weak network structure that collapses the moment it encounters a threat.

We equip your computer networks with network security devices and authentication systems by providing ID and password for controlling remote access. Other computer network security measures include firewalls that filter the traffic coming through to your networks, and VPNs that secure your end-to-end connections and data transmissions. Our network security systems such as intrusion detectors are a great way to protect your network from malware, viruses, and trojans. We also offer the best network security for cloud-based services which prevent application layer attacks by detecting and blocking access to malicious entities and keep your systems running 24*7.

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IT Networking Service

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