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We are a generation of millennials who love ease and comfort and firmly believe in life at the touch of a button. It is no surprise then that the concept of a smart home or office is catching up pretty fast. The year 2017 recorded a massive 31% y-o-y increase with 8.4 billion IoT smart home devices, and this trend is set to continue with the IoT market value estimated to reach a staggering $7.1 trillion by 2020! Needless to say, IoT–enabled home automation systems are the future.

Our home automation and security system constitute various appliances, security controls, HVAC, lighting, sensors, and audio-video systems integrated together using IoT technology. Just think how nice it’d be to enter a house with the thermostat preset to the perfect temperature, or wake up to have your coffee ready and waiting for you, or monitor your home with surveillance cameras when you’re far away on vacation somewhere! We provide you with the best home automation systems in the market to transform your home into a tech-savvy, state-of-the-art Smart home!

CCTV & Security

Control and monitor your homes when you’re away, keep tabs on your home security with live surveillance feeds, and restrict access to unwanted visitors by engaging our advanced cameras and locks to secure your home. All this – just at the tap of a button, even when you’re thousands of miles away! We equip your homes with CCTV cameras, door and window locks, smoke detection, and fire alarm systems, and many sensors to safeguard and fortify your premises. Our IoT enabled security systems to alert you in case of potential intrusions, activate loud alarms, and instantly notify the local authorities in case of emergencies or security breaches, thus making your security our priority!

Shade / Curtains

Remote controlled shades are yet another step towards making your home truly smart home. Blinds and curtains not only offer you comfort and privacy, but with the right style, texture, and fabric, they can make your windows aesthetically pleasing and beautify your homes. With IoT-enabled home automation, you can control all the curtains in your house by tapping a single button. With smooth, flawless functionality and perfectly fitted blinds, we offer the best services on the market. Be it drawing the blinds to dim the lights or opening the curtains to keep an eye on your kids playing on the porch, and this is yet another step towards smart home control.

Home Cinema

How many times have you wanted to own a mini home theatre system complete with surround sound, lights control, and enhanced AV technology? Well, with our IoT- enabled Home Cinema systems, you can select and play your favorite movie, dim the lights, and toggle the speaker controls with a single click. Invite people over for sports nights and convert your home theatre into a mini sports bar as you watch the big game with your friends. Or have the best online gaming experience with our integrated internet connectivity. You can even program the system to automatically pause your movie during interruptions so that you don’t miss even a single moment.

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Our IoT-enabled systems help control your home lighting even while you’re away. Let’s say you’re working late but don’t want your home to be an easy target for burglars. All you need to do is access your smart home interface on your phone or tablet, and switch on a couple of lights to give the appearance that your house is occupied, and voila – your home is safeguarded against possible intrusion. Along with securing your house, you can also change the mood and feel of your room by dimming the lights on a cozy night by simple voice command. Our smart lighting systems offer you seamless home automation at your fingertips.

Home Appliances Control

How nice would it be if your fridge could inform you that it was running out of milk and eggs, your coffee would be ready when you woke up, and your alarm would play your favorite song every morning? Well, in smart home automation, we convert all your home appliances into smart appliances that can be controlled simply by tapping a button on your phone. You can be at work and still get the laundry done, or switch on your porch lights, and have your favorite movie ready to play at the home theatre when you return home. Our home automation systems ensure that your house is smart enough to run itself so that you don’t have to.Home Automation

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Air Conditioning Control

It’s been a long day at the office, the heat is killing you, and you can’t wait to go home and relax in the cool confines of your house. With IoT technology, our air conditioning control system allows you to control your ACs and set them to cool your house even before you reach home. You can also program your AC so that it automatically sets at your preferred temperature every night when you sleep and switches off every time you leave a room. Our smart air conditioning systems not only automate your home and offer you convenience and ease of access, but they are also extremely energy efficient and save power and in turn, money.


Right from the shutter detectors which prevent unwanted intrusions in your sheds & garages, to the motion sensor which warns you of a potential unwanted presence in your surroundings, sensors are used inextricably in security systems. Our exemplary security sensors include everything from intercoms, to smoke & CO detection, to leakage or moisture detection sensors, to video doorbells, & smart thermostats. Our door and window sensors alert you every time a particular door or window opens and closes and inform you of possible home intrusion. What’s more is that all these sensors are integrated together into a common console which you can access and control remotely to protect your home on-the-go.

Door Locks

Door locks are an integral part of any security system. Marking the prime points of entry and exit in any premises, they are your primary defense mechanisms against security breaches. Smart homes nowadays come equipped with smart locks that are controlled by keypad consoles. Like all our IoT enabled devices, you can remotely access these locks even from your phone or tablet. You can armor your house by activating the door locks and alarm control systems every time you’re away from home, or asleep at night. In case of a security breach, a loud alarm will set off and alert you to intrusions and enable you to call for help.

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