Security System

Security System

Security and intrusion detection systems have become an increasingly popular and necessary investment, be it for your homes, offices, or commercial spaces. A security system, in its essence, is a system of interconnected components and devices managed by a central interface or a control panel, which is used to secure a place. We at VBE understand your security concerns and provide a host of security and monitoring systems to protect your premises from vulnerabilities and fortify your homes and workspaces.

Our security services include all three types of security control viz. Preventive (installing alarm systems), Detective (security system monitoring), and Responsive (responding to intrusions and alerting respective authorities). From burglar alarms and intrusion detectors to electric door locks and motion sensors, smoke, and fire alarm systems, we provide everything you may need to secure your space. Our services also include setting up security and access control systems for workspaces and commercial organizations to restrict unauthorized access and monitor employees.

Burglar Alarm System

Doors and window sensors, and motion detectors connected to a control panel which sounds an alarm in case of a security breach and notifies you of unwanted intrusions.

Centralized Monitoring System

We regularly monitor your security systems for breaches. In case of interventions or fire/medical emergencies, we immediately alert the respective authorities to get you the needed help.

Shutter Alarm

Our tamper-proof shutter sensors set off a loud alarm if anyone tries to force open the shutter at your home garages, offices, storage spaces or shops and warns you of intrusions.

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Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors trigger an alarm or relay signals to the control panel when they encounter smoke. In both, household and commercial spaces, our smoke detectors prevent and reduce the risk of fire damage.

Fire Alarm System

Our fire alarm systems set off a loud siren on detecting smoke or fire to warn people to vacate the premises; and also can be programmed to alert the local fire department.

Fire Sprinkler

Effective fire-protection systems, these fire sprinklers usually activate when a predetermined high temperature is reached. They then let loose a stream of water to extinguish the fire.

"we provide everything you may need to secure your space."

Traffic Barriers

For physical security, we provide a host of hydraulic or electromagnetic traffic barriers of different types, widths, and sizes to restrict entry in commercial and business workspaces.

Public Addressing & Voice Alarm System

Our PA-VA systems are ideal for addressing and guiding people through evacuation in case of emergencies like fire, smoke, bomb threats etc. They can also be used for general announcements and broadcasts.

Electric Door Locks

Equipped with actuators fitted in the locks, the electric door locks activate on receiving an electric current. They can be controlled from a control panel or even remotely.

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security system

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